To be updated with workflow and process outline.

  • Confirmation that customer is allowed to happen and risk process has taken place
  • Open CX ticket in Freshdesk 
  • Confirm that they are within their contract cancel - if not within their subscription cancel date then (confirm who should decide next steps on collection or follow-up with customer)
  • DRTrack or BI - Create devops ticket to schedule site(s) to be taken down.  Separate email to TTE devops or support team to take BI environment down.  Update DRTrack source of truth details (identify true source of truth - Dynamo DB)
  • Direct Route - Confirm process for Client Center download and support documentation cancel.  Remove access for Trimble learn?
  • Notify accounting of cancellation to update Netsuite
  • Support team ticket (linked to CX ticket) to notify of cancellation 
  • Confirmation of action items and close ticket