C&C&L - HandoffL Supply


 Gary Stevens

Type of Business (description):

Distributor of plumbing and heat & air products

Number of sites:

One to start

Primary Support Contact name, email, and phone:

 Sylvia L. Henslee

Logistics Manager

C&L Supply, Inc. | 339 S. Vann | Vinita, OK  74301
 Tel 918.256.0550 | Fax 918.256.0591



Customer Model:

  • DSD:  Other

Sales Cycle Length:

  • 18 months

Was there a POC or Sales Engineering Project?

  • No
  • No

Phases discussed during Pre-Sale

  • As shown in Proposal

Goals of each Phase

  • Phase 1 – Implement DirectRoute
  • Phase 2– Implement DRTrack

Anticipated Time-to-Value

  • Transp Cost reduction 
  • Reduced route management time
  • Cust car access via DR Track

Appian products used:

  • DirectRoute
  • DRTrack


Type of Use:

  • Operational:  Dynamic with Static Cust

Type of routing:

  • Combo

How often do they route?

  • Once a day

Where will DR be installed?

  • Server 

Operating System


How often do they pull orders?

  • Daily at closing

Number of licenses purchased:

One – up to 22 Vehicles

How many users?


Interfacing with another system?








Uploading back to ERP? How often?

  • TBD

GPS Provider:

People Net 

GPS Device:

Smart Phone

D2Link Provider Name:


DRTrack Hosting:


DRTrack URL:


Products interfacing with DRTrack: (OMM)

People Net 

Notes from Sales Cycle:  


Was using TMW Suite and DR trough VPN with third party IT company.  Suite was too heavy for needs.  Have multiple locations.  This implementation is a bit of a pilot.  After they use DR &DRtrack for year.  Will make decision to either Centralized or Decentralized with additional lic of DR.  




Sales Documents Included:  

Proposal is on file in usual place

Gary Steven’s notes from implementation:

Low volume, 6 to 10 routes per day.  Routes are fixed, truck file for each day of the week, with some manual moves on a daily basis.  And they now have some interest in BI.  Have forwarded that to Chris Monroe.