We transition CFC Trucking to support this morning (1/9/20). We didn't have a sales handoff for them, but Gary Stevens, their implementer, provided some information below. Richard Wilcox is their main contact. -Lacey Hamilton

 Summary:  The have Fixed routes, sort of.  We worked very quickly to get them off what they had and onto DirectRoute for their fixed routes.  But, their dispatcher guy would spend several hours each evening 'adjusting' those fixed routes.  Thus they spent weeks reworking those fixed routes within DirectRoute to get them accurate.  Once they were accurate we pushed them to DRTrack as Master Routes and use 'scheduled tasks' to build the 'daily fixed routes' that don't require the adjustments.  At that point BOLT (working with Daniel) built a new interface to pull the xml route data out of DRTrack.  CFC is NOT doing any gps tracking in DRTrack or assigning of routes to any devices for tracking.  That covers it.  Thanks.   -Gary Stevens