Northern Illinois Food Bank



Type of Business (description):


Number of sites:


Primary Support Contact name, email, and phone:

Kurt Schultz

630 443 6910


Tom Netcher 
Director of Transportation and Facilities

Northern Illinois Food Bank
273 Dearborn Court
Geneva, IL 60134

T: 630-443-6910 ext. 135





Customer Model:

  • DSD:  Other

Sales Cycle Length:

  • 18 months

Was there a POC or Sales Engineering Project?

  • No
  • No

Phases discussed during Pre-Sale

  • As shown in Proposal

Goals of each Phase

  • Phase 1 – Implement DirectRoute
  • Phase 2– Implement DRTrack

Anticipated Time-to-Value

  • Transp Cost reduction 
  • Reduced route management time
  • Donor access via drtrack

Appian products used:

  • DirectRoute
  • DRTrack


Type of Use:

  • Operational:  Fixed with Orders

Type of routing:

  • Combo

How often do they route?

  • Once a day

Where will DR be installed?

  • Server 

Operating System

  • CERES 

How often do they pull orders?

  • Daily at closing

Number of licenses purchased:

One – up to 20 vehicles add 10 additional (30 trucks total)

How many users?


Interfacing with another system?








Uploading back to ERP? How often?

  • TBD

GPS Provider:

Omnitracs NAVMAN

GPS Device:

Smart Phone

D2Link Provider Name:


DRTrack Hosting:


DRTrack URL:


Products interfacing with DRTrack: (OMM)


Notes from Sales Cycle:  


D2 link for gps because we do not have a integration with NAVMAN


This is a classic foodbank collection/distribution model.






Sales Documents Included:  

Proposal is on file in usual place. A copy is attached as well.









Notes of Implementation: Northern IL Food Bank

  • Have 3 orders and route types
    1. AOs – Agencies Orders – Using Order Import Service to bring order data to DRTrack. Currently only AOs are going through OIS. Are routed with DR and uploaded to DRTrack
    2. ROs – Recovery Orders - No live orders from ERP. Are master routes. Orders are fake from cloning of routes.
    3. DOs – Donars Orders - DOs are currently not using Direct Route or DRTrack at all
  • Didn’t want to keep all routes and order types in one single branch.  I suggested that we make everything 1 branch but created the master routes to a whole week was too much.
    1. MAIN branch – has AOs routes and orders
    2. Recovery branch – has ROs and master routes.
  • Northern IL Food Bank didn’t want to create a single master route for both AOs and ROs. It was too confusing to create routes for the whole week. 
  • D2link – Are using currently only for the Recovery branch routes. 
    1. Understand that seen drivers have a mix of routes between AOs and ROs that they have to switch the driver and device to different branches. 


Currently Issues

  • Are using 18.3 – when they upload master routes from DR to DRTrack. DRTrack is creating an extra vehicle profile. When uploading master routes to version 19.2 I didn’t see this issue.

  1. Will have to delete the extra vehicle profile before uploading a new master route. 
  2. Update DRTrack site to 19.2 or wait for 19.4. 


  • D2Link – drivers were saying their forms were “disappearing”
    1. I went into DRTrack and sent a “password” to all devices. Not sure if the drivers were going into the Admin tab and resetting D2link or not. With D2link now needed a password to admin tab, drivers will have to enter the password to get into the settings.