Target Corp.


Tye Lofts

Type of Business (description):


Number of sites:

1 – HQ in Minneapolis, Analyst use

Primary Support Contact name, email, and phone:

Karthik Anumalasetty, Sr. Logistics Analyst – Transportation Optimization


Customer Model:

  • 3PL: Dedicated

Sales Cycle Length:

  • Susana McLoughlin

Project Folder Files and Paths?


Phases Completed


Goals of each Phase


Achieved Time-to-Value


Appian products used:

  • DirectRoute, ResourcePro

Type of Use:

  • Analyst:  Pure Analyst

Type of routing:


How often do they route?

  • Project based

Where is DR installed?

  • Server (via remote desktop connection)

Where is DRTrack installed?

  • N/A

Operating System


How often do they pull orders?


Unique Infrastructure Notes:


Number of licenses purchased:


How many users?

  • 2 users trained

Interfacing with another system?

  • No







Uploading back to ERP? How often?


GPS Provider:


GPS Device:


D2Link Provider Name:


DRTrack Hosting:


DRTrack URL:


Products interfacing with DRTrack: (OMM)


Notes from Implementation:  

Karthik and Ben Peterson received remote training due to an illness on my part. We’ve used up 32 hours of remote training


All of their use of DR & RP comes down to modeling what the Target 3rd Party dedicated fleet does in terms of store delivery from one or more replenishment points.


  1. Modeling full truck in DR with a pass to RP
  2. Modeling DSD type deliveries in DR with a pass to RP

Implementation Documents Included:  


Customer Lifecycle Notes: