Martin’s Famous Pastry


Tye Lofts- Already a customer but these are notes from Tye’s training with the client from Dec 2018

Type of Business (description):

Food Manufacturing

Number of sites:

2 bakeries on the East Coast

Primary Support Contact name, email, and phone:

Tony Martin, EVP

800-548-1200 or 717-262-1756

Customer Model:

  • DSD:  Food Service

Sales Cycle Length:

  • Susana McLoughlin

Project Folder Files and Paths?


Phases Completed


Goals of each Phase


Achieved Time-to-Value


Appian products used:

  • DirectRoute, TerritoryPro

Type of Use:

  • Analyst:  Pure Analyst

Type of routing:

  • Territory based Sales with Static routing

How often do they route?

  • Project based

Where is DR installed?

  • Server (access via remote desktop connection)

Where is DRTrack installed?

  • N/A

Operating System


How often do they pull orders?


Unique Infrastructure Notes:


Number of licenses purchased:


How many users?

  • 1 main user trained (2 additional via train the trainer)

Interfacing with another system?

  • No







Uploading back to ERP? How often?


GPS Provider:


GPS Device:


D2Link Provider Name:


DRTrack Hosting:


DRTrack URL:


Products interfacing with DRTrack: (OMM)


Notes from Implementation:  

Tony Martin was trained remotely 1 day. The 2 other uses were present for part of the training, but Tony was driving and said he would circle back and help the other users when their time came to use TP & DR.


Tony did seem to be pretty good working around in the software. They bought originally in 2013 and he’s been working independently to learn the applications.


Martin’s usage: 

  1. TP usage centers around the current Sales Territory to Customer assignments and either using Initialize to make manual moves to balance, add or delete any required territories
  2. DR will be used for planning their static DSD routes

Implementation Documents Included:  


Customer Lifecycle Notes: