PC*MILER Web Services are available for purchase at Standard and Premium solution levels. Access to certain features and data varies depending on your solution level. The table below provides an overview of what is included at each level.

Contact us if you would like to subscribe to our web services or upgrade to Premium from Standard. 




Routing Options

Truck-Specific Routing

Light Vehicle or Automobile Routing

Practical Routing

Shortest Routing

Fastest Routing (Requires Traffic Add-on)

Nationwide U.S. and Canada Street-Level Routing

Global Street-Level Routing (Requires Worldwide License and Streets Add-ons) (4)

Multi-Stop Routing

Hub Routing

Route Sequence Optimization without Appointment Time-Windows

Time-Window based Route Sequence Optimization (Requires Add-on)

National Network and 53'/102'' Trailer or Twins Routing

Override Size and Weight Restrictions

Custom Vehicle Dimension Routing

Custom Routing using Avoid/Favor Roads Settings

Hazardous Materials Routing

Toll Discouraged Routing

Borders Open/Closed Routing

Set Governor (Maximum) Speed

Set & Use Custom Road Speeds by State/Country and Road Class

Calculate ETA/ETDs by setting Departure/Arrival times

Factor in Stop Wait Times in ETA/ETD Calculations

Utilize Traffic Speed Data for ETA/ETD Calculations (Requires Add-On)

Incorporate Driver Hours of Service Rest Breaks in Routing and ETA Calculations

Reports and Other Information Related to the Route

Mileage Report (5)

Driving Directions Report (5)

Detailed Route Report (5)

State/Country Distance Report

Road Type Report

GeoTunnel Report

Condensed Driving Directions (5)

Mileage Report for Batch Processing of Trips (5)

Derived Route Report

ETA/OoR Report

Least Cost Comparison Report

Find POIs Along Route

Weather Events & Alerts Along Route (Requires Add-On)

Road Surface Conditions (Requires Add-On)

Route Matrix Mileage Report (Requires Add-On) (6)

Route and Point Intersection with Custom Geofences

Multiple Version Access

Data Access 

North American Map/Routing Database

Global Map/Routing Database (Requires Worldwide License)

U.S. ZIP Codes, Canadian and Mexican Postal Codes

Postal Code Coverage (outside of N. America) (1) (Requires Worldwide License)

Points of Interest

Truck-specific POIs (Truck Stops, Weigh Stations, etc.)

Custom Places and POIs

Country Abbreviations: FIPS, ISO2, ISO3, GENC2, GENC3 Codes (2)

Geocoding: Cities and ZIPs/Postal Codes (2)

Geocoding: Latitude/Longitude Coordinates (2)

Geocoding: Street-Level Addresses (4)

Reverse Geocode LatLongs to Addresses

Batch Geocoding and Batch Reverse Geocoding

Weather Events & Alerts Information (Requires Weather Add-On)

Standard Point Location Codes

Toll Information (Time of Day Toll costs, Toll Plaza Names)

Traffic Information (Historic Speeds, Real-time Speeds, Incidents, Camera Feed) (Requires Add-on)

Road Surface Conditions Information (Requires Add-on)

Posted Speed Limits (Requires Add-On)


Single Map Display

Plot Multiple Locations

Route Display

Map Tile Display

Satellite Imagery

Traffic Information Overlay (Requires Add-On)

Weather Information Overlay (Requires Add-On)

Road Surface Conditions Overlay (Requires Add-On)

DriveTime Polygons

Add-ons Available to License 

Africa Streets: Comprehensive Street Level Map Data Coverage in Africa of Map data for geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing and map display.
Asia Streets: Comprehensive Street Level Map Data Coverage in Asia of Map data for geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing and map display.
Europe Streets: Comprehensive Street Level Map data Coverage in Europe for geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing and map display.
Middle East Streets: Comprehensive Street Level Map Data Coverage in Middle East for geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing and map display.
Oceania Streets: Comprehensive Street Level Map Data Coverage in Oceania for geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing and map display.
South America Streets: Comprehensive Street Level Map Data Coverage in South America for geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing and map display.
Traffic: Real-time and historic traffic speeds information for map display and ETA/ETD calculations.  Real-time traffic incidents, and real-time traffic camera feed for map display.
Weather: Real-time Weather Information (Radar and Satellite imagery) for map display.
Weather Alerts: Real-time Weather Events and Alerts information to check against a planned route.
Road Surface Conditions: Real-time road surface conditions for map display and to check against a planned route.
Time Window Optimization: Advanced route stop optimization to generate an optimal stop sequence and route path to meet appointment time windows.
Route Matrix: Advanced route report that calculates an array of distances for every combination of stops in a list, for up to 10 stops, i.e. 10 x 10 maximum size of matrix.
Posted Speed Limits: Posted Speed Limits information as part of Reverse Geocoding results.


1 Postal code coverage outside North America available for select countries.
2 Feature available outside North America with Worldwide License.
3 County designations are available in select countries.
4 Global Street-Level routing and geocoding are available for select countries and requires Streets Add-on(s).
5 Travel times and ETA/ETD (if Departure/Arrival times are set) are included in the reports.
6 Route Matrix has a size limit of 10 x 10 for a single request.